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BUT! im only taking pin up commissions with up to three characters. NO MORE COMIC COMMISSION OR ANIMATIONS. takes to much time. i go into this business cause i had my own comic ideas and three years into working it. ive done everyone elses ideas and NON ofe my own. comic commissions just take up so much of my time. and its not fair the the people that pay to see my work on HU and im not making content.

so here's whats gonna go down. i am startign work on two original comics but i do still need some small amount of income from commissions. so i will be taking commissions that are single picture only with up to 3 characters. im am spitting work with my partner  BELLUM and we will try to turn them out DAILY. So if you are interested hit me up and lets get started.

there are a few commission i still have open. i will be fishing them. so if your one of these people have no fear this announcement does not effect your project. just what i am accepting from here on out.

Sorry for the delays folks i have been without internet for quite some time. I had a problem with my computer last month were the power went out and fried my hard drive. i lost a lot of work. including most of the footage i had animated for the Soria movie i talked about in my last post. so im having to re make all of that "so angry" but thankfully with commissions i still draw everything on paper, you i just re scan them and pick things up again.
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MonkeyPasta Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Good to know; may be heading your way in a few months.
awr74 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
Great your back....sorry about the drive.....happy about the and lows, it's like a sugar rush!
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Huh... well okay then, sorry to hear about the fried hard drive, but good to have you back in any event.
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June 10, 2013


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